At Yepoch, we follow Microsoft's 'Zen' approach to manage and execute projects:

Project managers are the champions of the value proposition.

In early planning, we immerse ourselves in customer needs, competitive landscape, technological trends and businesses priorities, and from this cacophony we distill a clear and focused value proposition.

We articulate what the team is signing up to deliver, for whom they are delivering it, and the purpose it is intended to serve.
This articulation of the value proposition serves as a "frame" within which the team can make decisions about features, designs, timelines, and priorities.
As the project moves from planning into design, we paint the detailed picture of what the team will ship, through storyboards, prototypes, and most significantly through specs.

As the project moves from design into implementation and on to the endgame, we keep perspective to ensure that tactical implementation decisions fit within the frame of the value proposition.

Ultimately, we ensure that the feature or product presents a strong value proposition and that the implementation actually delivers the promised value.


Margie Ye, PMP, CSM

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